All payments must be made in full for all design projects to begin. For all custom invoices, payments must be paid by the due date for the initial price to be honored. Once payment has been cleared, the design process will begin. 
Draft images of ANY kind are only used for approval. They are not to be manipulated, copied or taken for personal use. ALL drafts are property of Saige Creative.
For all projects done by Saige Creative, there is a three free revision limit. After three revisions, any additional revision will be $15.00 each. For larger scale projects such as packages or web design, the revision limit is four (4). This is to ensure that you receive your project(s) within the set turnaround time and to ensure a steady workflow. You must reply to email/messages that contain drafts within 24 hours, to ensure that revisions can be completed and sent back to you in an appropriate amount of time. If you do not respond to an email/message containing drafts within 24 hours you will be moved back into the queue of orders and your order will be completed at a later time as it fits in my schedule.
Restart (Ghost) Fee
Our ability to complete a project on time depends on everyone's ability to stick to a timeline. If a project pauses more than 10 business days, we charge a restart fee ($40) to pick up where we left off. If client deadlines are more than 10 business days late, the Restart fee will be sent, and work will commence one that fee is deposited. We take our own project deadlines seriously, and our clients need to have the same level of commitment to their project for it to run smoothly and be successful.